Product Development

Conway technologies assists clients throughout the product development lifecycle, from product research and new product development to quality assurance and support activities.

In today's competitive global economy, effective executives must carefully allocate every penny. Startup firms, in particular, must conduct thorough research on appropriate technologies, platforms and features before committing any large financial outlays. The team at Conway technologies is prepared to guide you in this endeavor.

By its nature, product development requires meeting requirements that are constantly changing. Once a company presents a development timeline to investors and customers, strict adherence to that timeline is critical. Software development teams emphasize product functionality, but they must adhere to the highest standards for code quality and program design. Every development resource must meet maximal quality standards in order to produce a scalable and robust product. Version controlling and end usage may be complex, especially considering multiple versions of the software. Fortunately, knowledge Retention leads to higher productivity and thus lowers the cost of the engineering efforts with time.

Because consumer software applications are designed to run in uncontrolled user environment, thorough testing becomes a critical part of the product development lifecycle. Software developers and marketing managers must have an extremely low tolerance for defects, as any problems will impact not only current customers, but also the potential for future growth.

New Product Development
Developing a new product is far more challenging than any custom application development, so it requires a unique mindset. Conway technologies’s proven processes, developers, and product orientation allow us to consistently meet the evolving challenges of new product development while staying within the planned budget and timeframe. Close collaboration with our clients in an integrated model brings transparency, accountability and visibility to the development efforts.

Product Maintenance
Product maintenance is challenging and expensive, especially for established products or retiring product lines with a large installation base. Conway technologies has a full line of services to help clients manage and support product versions on legacy platforms and technologies. Conway technologies also has a track record of success in helping clients support and manage established product suites (and their earlier versions) more cost effectively.

Feature Development/Enhancements
Today’s rapidly changing markets and business models require that organizations enhance the functionality of their products as quickly as possible in order to stay ahead of the competition. Too often, in-house development teams lack the capacity to handle all the requests for additional feature within a competitive timeframe.

In these scenarios, Conway technologies can serve as an extension team, working on feature developments in conjunction with your in-house team. This allows your company to take a more powerful and richer product to market more quickly and at a lower cost.

We are currently developing on our next generation software product.We are highly passionate about it and believe it will change the way online billing happens.

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