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The Banking & Financial Services industry faces significant challenges in an increasingly changing environment. As Banking & Financial products increasingly become commodities, eBusiness will become a necessary core capability. eBusiness knowledge and technology will be key to your competitive marketing, distribution and customer service functions, all areas of operational and strategic practice, in the Banking & Financial services industry.

Conway provides eBusiness integration capabilities by participating in Business development and strategy, defining appropriate architecture and infrastructure environments, developing and implementing back-end and systems Integrations schemas and providing for web enablement of applications.

Conway is known for our team approach to serving you. Teams are composed of both Conwayspecialist's and their client counterparts. Pooling resources in this way yields solution that not only closely fit your objectives, core competencies and Business context, but also anticipate your future needs.

Conway has formed a unique practice around the entire Conway Customer Relationship Management(ECRM) framework, not just on a single ECRM component. This enables us to partner with clients in providing solutions that transcend technologies and deliver competitive advantages. Our ECRM Practice is Worldwide in scope, converting a verity of industries and sectors and consisting of a number of very experienced ECRM consultants.

Our extensive in-house knowledge and expertise enables the practice to demonstrate clear thought-leadership across the entire ECRM spectrum.

You will benefit from:
  • Accelerated implementation to keep ahead of the curve.
  • Reduced risk through proven solutions.
  • Greater innovation through our Centers of Excellence.
  • Improved net future expectations by connecting transactions to value creation.
  • Unsurpassed experience.

Conway provides capital markets, banking, brokerage, asset management and investment management business expertise for the development of eBusiness strategies. Conway also offers Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) frameworks, methodologies, and expertise with web-based technologies, to enable to end-to-end, integrated Straight-Through-Processing (STP). These tools result in lower transaction costs enhanced customer services and expanded market coverage. Additionally, this allows our direct customers to better serve their customers. Our offerings focus on developing and implementing solutions for:

eBusiness Strategy and Planning
  • eBusiness strategy development.
  • Market analysis and definition of market needs.
  • Enable electronic transaction services including electronic trading, banking and asset management services via the internet.
  • ECRM and Channel Integration.
Web Site Design, Implementation and Management
  • Web architecture, design, development, and deployment.
  • Web security design and implementation.
  • Web site enablement of applications such as personalization, cross- selling and content management.
  • Web site performance and reliability management.
Straight-Through Processing (STP)
  • Infrastructure assessment to determine level of STP within an organization.
  • STP strategy development aligned to support business and technical vision.
  • Evaluate and select technology solutions to enable STP.
  • Implement STP solutions applicable to organizational requirements.

The Banking & Financial Services provides Payment Systems and Core Banking solutions for clients with large, complex financial systems. Our success is built on the combination of our industry expertise, project management skills and proven IT services capabilities with best-in-class software products.

If you're building or repairing a business, you're making deals worth millions of dollars and putting the fortunes of stakeholders on the line. Whatever your stake CEO, creditor, shareholder, you need to know what to hold out for and what you can give away. And you need the other players in the deal to know you know. And you need connections to capital, people, information. It all comes down to strength. You can't do a deal without it.

When you work with Conway, you share our strength.

  • Exceptional technical skills.
  • Global, seamless communications.
  • Deep industry knowledge.
Your goal is shareholder value. We help build a structure to take you there.

Conway Banking & Financial Advisory Services

Because You're Ready to Deal From Strength.
ConwayeBusiness Applications helps this industry quickly refine product and service delivery. Market dynamics are changing in the banking and financial services industry, where deregulation and consolidation are at an all-time high. Competitive forces are pressuring banking and financial services companies to create new products and services on the spot. The collection, analysis, and application of customer and supplier information throughout the enterprise have become a core business requirement. Increasingly, the leaders in this industry find that Conway customer relationship management (ECRM) strategies address the broadest spectrum of their requirements.

The Conway Advantage :
The banking and financial service ECRM solution of choice is ConwayeFrontOffice. ConwayeFrontOffice seamlessly integrates how banking and financial institutions manage customer and partner relationships while helping them extend their sales and service channels to the web. Conway helps all types of banking & financial services companies to integrate and manage multiple delivery channels for customer access. Conway also allows them to define products and service delivery quickly, even as business models evolve and market conditions change. ConwayeFrontOffice uniquely addresses workflow processes, key contact points, and integration of each function within the business. Information from each customer interaction is fed into an integrated data model, promoting both detailed analysis and strategic planning-a must for this highly competitive, rapidly changing business environment.

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