The progression of the healthcare industry towards efficient and cost-effective healthcare solutions has had a huge impact on the medical devices, life sciences, and pharmaceutical sectors. It has resulted in new healthcare reforms in existing institutions and facilities in countries such as the US, the UK, India, and China.

Conway Technologies is a next-generation healthcare IT company that has pioneered Cloud based products designed to help the entire healthcare ecosystem. Conway’s solutions seamlessly integrate Labs, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Radiology, Medical Devices (IoT), Insurance Companies, and Accounting resulting in increased revenues and operational efficiency. Our solutions can be deployed across the spectrum of organizations – starting from single physician clinics to a network of healthcare providers making it the largest Cloud based healthcare IT service provider in the region.

Conway’s healthcare domain provides intelligence and insight to stakeholders in this sector to make informed decisions on expansion, diversification, and other strategic and marketing initiatives. Our portfolio of reports includes oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, central nervous system, men's health, women's health, and genitourinary life sciences, vaccines, infectious and rare diseases, medical imaging, cardiovascular devices, patient monitoring, urology devices, orthopaedic and general medical devices, life science research tools, in-vitro diagnostics.

Conway is involved in building and delivering products, systems, services, or solutions within a medical space, serving the following needs such as medical record (or electronic health record) keeping, medical practice management, networking and content management solution, medical services through web-based portals, hospital management, software or middleware to operate a medical instrument or device, software for medical research and analysis.

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