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Often businesses find a need for supplemental resources to work in conjunction with their existing teams or having dedicated staff committed to their project. Whether it is for developing a project, for a specialized job within a project, or simply to increase pool of available resources, Conway technologies staffing services helps businesses locate skilled IT consultants. Conway Technologies staffing services helps businesses eliminate headaches of recruitment process, reduce fixed IT costs, and guarantee availability of IT consultants that are right fit for the job.

Does your company find itself on a never ending quest for qualified Information Technology personnel? While there’s an abundance of candidates in the marketplace, reality is that few are trained in your specific corporate technology, culture, and vision. Conway Technologies Consulting “Staff Augmentation and Recruiting Service” is here to bridge that gap.

Consulting brings high tech companies a price-competitive service - and a newer and better way to directly recruit the best, experienced software developers and testers.

Our consultants are seasoned professionals who can tackle your most complex business problems, whether it's business analysis, project management, quality assurance, tech writing, tech support, or mentoring. Whatever your business need, we can help you.

Our highly qualified, experienced consultants use their insight and expertise to ensure that projects finish on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. What's more, when the project is complete, you'll find your employees have learned from the experience. The entire team—employees and consultants alike—know more and are more skilled.

Conway Technologies works with clients to help identify issues and solve problems using a systematic and creative approach. Conway Technologies involvement varies with the nature of the situation and the request of the client. In particular, the assignment may range from ad hoc advice on a particular problem or issue, to the design of comprehensive systems for the client as well as the evaluation and revision of existing systems.

After meeting with the client and agreeing the scope of the project, a team of specialized consultants starts working with the client's staff. Together they collect facts and data, which they then analyze using the latest techniques to identify practical solutions. After agreeing on the solutions, they train the client's staff, assist in the implementation and help the client achieve long lasting benefits.

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